1. Verify the system is built to ByteWyze standards
  2. Verify adapters & cables are included in the box
  3. Install Windows 7 from included DVD
  4. Install Intel Device Drivers from included DVD
  5. Install Antivirus – either Microsoft Security Essentials or ESET
  6. Disable UAC [User Account Control] – type in UAC into Start menu search and then drag the slider all the way to the bottom
  7. Install Adobe Reader
  8. Add BW wallpaper to C:WindowsWebWallpaperWindows
  9. Activate Windows
  10. Install all Microsoft updates – repeat as needed
  11. Disable Power Settings/Sleep Mode – type edit into Start menu search and change both options to Never
  12. Disable Automatic Updates and Power Management for NIC & USB – Disable Auto Updates from within the Windows Updates screen / disable power mgt on all usb ports and all NIC ports
  13. Enable Remote Desktop – enable Remote Access from Manage screen
  14. Cleanup desktop icons – remove anything not needed any longer
  15. Install Office [if needed] – Install from flash drive, register with license key, run Windows Updates again if needed
  16. Box up w/adapters & power cable and client’s name on box